Are the Top Professional Skin Care Products Safe?

Skincare is earning so much commotion from the past few years. Nowadays people have become very aware of what goes into their bodies through the skincare products they use. People have become very conscious of the ingredients in the products and their effects on the skin.

Nobody wants to buy beauty products that bring more harm than benefits. Beauty products with harmful and toxic ingredients are very harmful. Therefore, safety is of the utmost importance while purchasing skincare products. Nnnow products are extremely safe to use. You can buy some amazing products using Nnnow coupons.

There are several indicators that will help you assess that a particular product is safe or not. 

Understanding beauty labels is an important way to know the safety of the product. A product has the following labels that help you decide the safety.

  1. Flame: This label tells that whether a product is flammable or not. You will find this label on sunscreens, shampoos and hair sprays.

  2. Open jar: This tells us about the period for which a product can be used safely. This means that after a specific period, the concentration of the product will no longer be active and stable.

  3. Hourglass: This symbol tells us the best before date.

  4. Chasing arrows: This symbol shows that the packaging is recyclable. When the symbol is used with a percentage sign, it indicates that the packaging material is made using recycled material. Ustraa has a wide range of natural products. Buy effective stuff online using Ustraa coupons.

  5. Leaping Bunny: This symbol ensures that the ingredients of the product are not tested on animals. Use Nnnow offers to buy the products that are 100 percent safe.

Know the difference between natural and synthetic products

Synthetic ingredients used in skincare products bring serious harm to our bodies. They damage our skin in the long term. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose natural ingredients while buying skin care products. You can also use Ustraa coupon codes to buy some wonderful natural products from Ustraa.

Synthetic products: Synthetic products are made from petroleum products. They use petroleum-derived catalysts. The processes involved in making these products require a lot of heat and pressure. These products are non-biodegradable and harm the environment too. Here is a list of ingredients that you should check before buying any beauty product. Avoid these toxic products at any cost. Ustraa products are free from these chemical toxins.

  1. Coal tar: This cancer-causing substance should be avoided at all costs. These are generally found in cosmetics used for treating dry skin.

  2. Formaldehyde: An irritant, mostly used in hair colors and dyes. EU prohibits it.

  3. Hydroquinone: This is used in skin whitening creams and is a major cause of cancer.

  4. Lead: This substance is a contaminant and is widely associated with cancer. It is usually present in lipsticks and hair dyes.

  5. Mercury: It can cause impairment in the brain. It is most commonly found in mascaras.

  6. Mineral oil: Do not let the name deceive you. This petroleum by-product reduces the ability of the skin to get rid of toxins. It is found in baby oils and moisturizers.

  7. Oxybenzone: This toxic ingredient leads to hormonal imbalance, cellular damage and various allergies.

  8. Parabens: This deadly ingredient is associated with Cancer and reproductive toxicity.

Natural products: Unlike synthetic products, natural beauty products are made from plant and animal sources. They do not undergo synthetic processes and are made using simple chemical processes. They do not harm the skin as well as the environment as they are biodegradable. Natural products contain the following ingredients:

  1. Argan oil: It is anti-inflammatory and fights wrinkles.

  2. Rose oil: It is rich in Vitamin C and hydrates the skin. Use Nykaa 100 percent off coupons to buy rose oil online on Nykaa.

  3. Oats: They are very useful in treating rashes and rheumatism. It hydrates the skin and contains beta-glucan.

  4. Jojoba: It is the best hydrator. It improves skin elasticity and is perfect for acne and dry skin.

  5. Lavender: Great moisturizer. Use Nykaa coupons to buy some amazing moisturizers that have lavender as an active ingredient.

  6. Honey: Perfect antiseptic that fights numerous aging problems.

  7. Aloe: Effective in sunburns and acne. A perfect remedy for blemishes.

  8. Tea tree: Excellent antiseptic to fight various skin problems. Take advantage of Nykaa offers to buy tea tree oil. It works wonders for the skin.

  9. Algae: A skin lightener that can be used to reduce skin damage.

Therefore, while buying skin care products always look out for the products with natural ingredients. They are safe to use. They do not harm our skin and have no side effects. They may be a little costly but will be beneficial in the long run. You can also use Nnnow promo codes to crack some exciting deals on the natural skincare range.