Privacy Policy

Privacy of our visitors are our prime observation, and we maintain that all the time. No personal details of any visitors are shared with any third party, associated with us. For privacy, we collect different details, and none of those details will be shared with any parties. We guarantee that the details of yours will not be shared with anyone.

We, is completely an independent collector of all the offers and all types of coupons. For any privacy concern outside of our site, we will not consider any responsibility. All the companies who are our client have their policy. So, if you are willing to have a coupon and go to an online store, it is advice to go through the privacy policy at the start. It is also advice to go through the privacy policy of the company too. If there is any policy-breaching.

Non-Personal details

Note down the details that we usually collect about our consumers

We usually collect some nonpersonal information. Your geographical location, the browser, you are using and also the IP address, you are using for surfing. We will also note down the areas, where from you are redirected to our site. They cannot identify you personally, as they cannot identify you. Web tracking software is used for the purpose.

Details from Visitor

We will generate a request to you at a time to collect different details about your name and address. Even we might request to entitle yourself for our newsletter. We will be sending you details regarding the new available coupons. In case, you send us any request; we will collect different details about yourself. The details that we will collect from you are all kept in our database only, and that is not shared with anyone. Based on these details, we will be sending offers directly to you.


While you visit Zopoyo.In, cookies will be stored on your PC. It will store certain technical details of your PC. Cookies can be accessed by the third party companies, who are dealing with our company. Different ads, media widgets can be stored in those cookies. For more details regarding the cookie management, it is advice to get through the cookie laws. However, it is advice to all the users to activate cookie at the site, since this will not collect any details of yours, but will help us to customize your view.   


Security related to sharing of personal details is always provided by us. Location of the website of the company is on a secured server, and thus safe browsing and guaranteed browser data transmission are taken control by the company. All types of web security, related to protection to your accessed websites and coupon history is kept only with us and never disclosed to any third parties.


While you are browsing through the coupons of Zopoyo and saving the codes for your future access, it is assumed by the company that you have read the privacy policy and agreed to all the statements, produced here.