Must Have Beauty Products For Winter Season

Skin is a very sensitive organ of our body. It is more likely to be damaged due to change in weather conditions than any other body part. Since skin is exposed directly to these changes, the impairment caused can be from mild to extreme. Cold air generally dries up the skin. Even people with normal skin experience red cheeks and cracked lips. Moreover, those with dry skin cold weather can increase inflammation on their skin.

Chilly winters reduce the blood circulation in the body because of which secretion of sebum, the oil that locks moisture in our skin, reduces. In addition, the air is less humid during winters. Our skin becomes dry and flaky. Therefore, it becomes essential to enrich our skin with essential oils and vitamins to minimize the damage. This is the time everybody should follow a skin care routine religiously.

Here is a list of beauty products one should have to combat the effect of the chilly weather. Therefore, people it is high time to game up your skin care regime and must have these products in your skin care kit.

1. Lip balm: Lips are the first thing to be effected during winters. Most of us suffer from chapped and cracked lips. Hydrating lip balms are a good solution to this problem. A high quality lip balm not only moisturizes the skin but is long lasting too. These days lip balms come in tinted colours too. You can choose colourless lip balms, too, depending on your choice. You can get some amazing products from The Body Shop.

2. Heavy moisturizer: Winters bring dullness on the face and on other body parts too. They become extremely dry and look dehydrated. This is due to the loss of moisture from the skin. A heavy moisturizer helps to restore the moisture and brings a glowing effect on our skins. Choose an oil based moisturizer with natural ingredients for best results. Lavender, chamomile, jojoba can do wonders for those having dry and itchy skin. One with vitamin C gives antioxidant shots to the skin. It is an excellent body lotion for winters. Amazon offers wide range of such products at exciting prices.

3. Cleanser: Switch to a cleanser with nourishing oils this winters. They can remove the dirt from the skin without causing dryness. If your cleanser contains salicylic acid, it is the time to swap it with the one that is more hydrating and moisturizing. It is advisable to choose a milk based cleanser or the one with mineral oils as it helps to seal moisture.

4. Winter exfoliator: Regular exfoliating gives a glowing effect to the skin. It removes all dry and dead cells thus giving a radiant look. Physical exfoliators generally use granules to remove dirt that makes skin vulnerable to damage and dryness in winters. Using chemical exfoliators instead are much gentler to the skin. They use alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxyl acids that gently peel off the dirt from the skin. Exfoliating 2 or 3 times a week gives the best results. You can buy some miraculous exfoliators using Amazon Makeup offers on Amazon.

5. Serum: Incorporating serum to your skin care routine reverses the ageing effects and moisturizes our skin too. Serums that have hyaluronic acid hold the moisture on the skin's surface and thus provide deep and long lasting hydration. They must be applied before moisturizer for maximum benefits. You can buy the finest for yourself using Nykaa offers on Makeup products.

6. Rich face cream: During winters, most of us end up having dry white patches on the face. The lightweight creams cannot withstand the dryness of chilly weather. Winter face creams with fatty acids and ceramides lock the moisture and keep your skin nourished.

Listen to what your body says and choose a solid skin care regime that helps you to take the best care of your skin. These winters cannot cause damage if you take immediate precautions. Also, do not forget to drink plenty of water. It is essential for hydrating skin.

Happy winter, people!