6 Essential Gadgets You Need For Your Home

Advancements in technology have brought multitudes of gadgets into every room of our homes, making our lives easier. Your home is made safer with electronic doorbells and cameras just as your time in the kitchen is brought down thanks to multi-functional, time-saving gadgets. Here are some of the latest gadgets that are making lives all over the world easier with more time for other pursuits.

1. Amazon Echo Show

In recent times, Amazon’s star product, Echo Show, has become part of many households all over the world. Its virtual assistant, Alexa, has made itself indispensable to users with its many capabilities and by providing users with a video-centric experience.
Alexa can do many things, as you probably know. By letting Alexa know you have a security camera, ask her to show you your front door. Now, you can also turn on your lights easily or even the TV. Of course, Alexa is capable of these and much more. With more and more features being added to Alexa’s long list of capabilities, your life will increasingly become easier, what with your smart home assistant Alexa doing much more for you.

2. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock With Coloured Sunrise Simulation

With this gadget, you can wake up with sunlight in your room, even though it may be raining outside. That’s due to the colour simulation power of this alarm clock.

3. Smart Power Strip, Wi-Fi Surge Protector

With the help of your Smart Power Strip, Wi-Fi Surge Protector, you have the power to control all the plugs of your home, whether you are at home or away. Besides, you can sync your devices, lights and other gadgets to a timer. Optionally, put them on or off with the help of your smartphone.

4. Clocky Robotic Alarm

Among new gadgets in the market is the Clocky robotic alarm. If you always needed a really loud alarm clock to wake you up, here’s something you’re going to appreciate. This one will pop you out of bed soon after it begins to ring.

In fact, it will make you run all over the room before you get a chance to switch it off. That is because it’s a product of such smart technology that it will run away and hide even as it beeps just to get out of bed. So, no more snoozing until the next ring. With Clocky, you can be sure you are going to get to that meeting on time.

By looking up good deal sites, you can perhaps get good discounts or offers on this one.

5. Professional Multi-Chopper

There is a revolution in the number, size and types of kitchen gadgets that are becoming an indispensable part of our lives. Years ago, it was the food processor that we couldn’t live without but today there are many more gadgets, some that do many functions, others that are specific to one capability.

The Professional Multi-Chopper comes with three pushers and four blades—all interchangeable. Now prepare everything easily, whether onions, carrots or potatoes. Part of its smart technology is the measuring container that measures the amount you’ve already cut so you don’t waste any more time chopping more than you need. Remove the base so that you can use the chopper above your chopping board.

6. Geeni Vision Security Camera

Here’s an affordable security camera for the home that has wonderful capabilities too. Not only does it stream 720p live video of your home into your tablet or smartphone, but you also get alerts when there is some odd movement in your room.

You can also see things as they happen in your home or bunch it all together to see it later. Listen in to your room and speak to anyone there, thanks to the integrated speaker and mic. Installation is barely 30 seconds. For all these amazing features, it’s not just a smart decision to buy it but you also get a good deal on it.


Smart technology has become a part of our lives and will continue to do so to make our lives easier. However, our dependence on technology and the use of latest gadgets seem to take us away from using our hands and our innate creativity, which is a disturbing thought.