7 Unique Ideas for Personalised Wedding Gifts

Finding the best wedding gift for a newly married couple can be tough. Will they be happy to receive silverware, jewellery, houseware or a kitchen gadget? Perhaps, the best solution is to give them personalised wedding gifts which would mean a lot to them. Something like a personalised wedding clock or wine glasses, maybe?

If the idea grabs you, you might want to go online and check out all the products that are available on the many gift sites that have a huge variety of such gifts. If you are lucky, there may be some good offers on them too!

Here are seven innovative personalized wedding gift ideas that you could consider.

1. Photo Frames

A much-in-love, newly-married couple is sure to find this gift close to their hearts and appreciate it greatly. They can put up photos of their most memorable times and capture them in the frame you gift them. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, shapes and designs and even add your own personalised message to it. Check out the large range of these products at Indian Gifts Portal.

2. Personalised Cushion

A wedding is a perfect occasion to convey your feelings in a wonderful way, as with a personalised cushion. With the photo of the young couple personalised on the cushion, you will enhance your gifting experience manifold. Whenever they look at the cushion, they will recall the sweetness of their moments together and will think of you too.

3. Personalized Rotating Lamp

A rotating lamp with a photo of the couple in love will not only radiate the best memories of the time they spent together but will stand testimony to their feelings for each other. The warm glow from this lamp will also create a unique environment of love and togetherness. It can be used as a conventional lamp at night or as a rotating show of photo memories when the mood takes them. You can find this on Ferns n Petals.

4. Gift Vouchers To A Spa

Why do you need to gift a couple an item they can hold in their hands? If you book early enough, you might get a discount too.
Choose to gift a unique experience which they will always remember. Unwinding at a spa could make a beautiful and highly personalised gift. Imagine being able to unwind thereafter all the excitement of a big fat wedding. It’s sure to go down well with them.

5. Gold Plated Dessert Bowl Set

Here’s a gold plated metal dessert bowl set that a couple will warm up to for its sheer elegance. As homeowners and people who entertain periodically, they will love to possess this set. Click and buy this set on Indian Gifts Portal.

6 Jade and Money Plant Dish Garden

If you want to bring the outdoors indoors, here’s one beautiful way of doing that. This dish garden comprising two lucky plants will not only add life to the drawing-room of its recipients but also a lot of colour and luck. There are dish gardens of many kinds on the Ferns n Petals portal.

7. Photo Cake

Have The Baker put a photo of the young couple on the face of the cake. On the happy occasion of one’s marriage or anniversary, this could be an excellent gift. Get in touch with BookMyFlowers for more details on this.

Marriage gifts or even anniversary gifts can be of many types, where all depends on how close you are to the couple. A lot also depends on the likes and dislikes of the couple and their personal interests. These things need to be borne in mind when choosing that perfect gift that will make them smile all through their special day and beyond.