Top 5 Budget International Locations For Honeymoon

Plan your Honeymoon within your budget. Explore 5 best International locations for Honeymoon with recommended Makemytrip and Goibibo coupons.

It is not possible for everyone to afford a big budget honeymoon. Every newly married couple wishes to visit a destination that is both beautiful and pocket-friendly. Honeymoon is, of course, the best time after marriage. There are so many cheap destinations outside India that can make anyone’s honeymoon memorable.

If you are looking for some worth visiting places that are in budget, here is a list of cheap international destinations that are best for honeymoons.  You can also use MakeMyTrip coupons for an inexpensive trip.

1. Indonesia: Bali is a well-known island in Indonesia. It can be a bit expensive for a honeymoon but there are several other islands in Indonesia that can be a budget-friendly choice. You can easily get cheap accommodation on those islands and airfare is not costly too. Food is also available at minimum prices.

You can go for romantic drives, enjoy various water sports and explore the island on a boat. This trip will be totally pocket-friendly and one of the most memorable trips in your life. As far as the visa is concerned, it is available at a very cheap price when you arrive in Indonesia.

2. Vietnam: Vietnam is an excellent and beautiful place for the couples who want their honeymoon in the budget. Air tickets from India to Vietnam are available at reasonable prices if you book them in advance. As compared to other luxurious places, Vietnam is a very reasonable place where you can get accommodation and food at low prices. Honeymoon packages to Vietnam are in great demand because of their affordability. 

As far as exploring places in Vietnam is concerned, boat rides in Hanoi are once in a lifetime experience. Exploring Chi Minh and camping at Phong Nha Ke Bang National park does not deserve a miss. Halong bay is a spectacular place to visit in Vietnam. There are several beautiful places in Vietnam to explore. Your honeymoon will turn even more amazing if you hire a local for sight-seeing.

3. Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is an amazing place in Asia. It is worth all your money and is a spectacular honeymoon destination. The place is blessed with numerous scenic spots that you cannot afford to miss. Buddhist temples enhance the beauty of the place and there are tons and tons of good food to enjoy available at reasonable prices. Do take advantage of MakeMyTrip coupons for an affordable amazing trip to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an ideal place for budget travelers. Accommodation and public transport are available at cheap prices too. As far as exploring Sri Lanka is concerned, the beauty of Trincomalee beach will leave you spellbound. You can take a trekking adventure up to SigiriyaMountain, explore tea gardens In Nurweya or go for a beach walking in Arugam bay. If we talk about Visa, you can easily get a 30 day online Visa to Sri Lanka at affordable prices.

4. Bhutan: Bhutan is famous for its serenity and calmness. It is an ideal place for couples who prefer a peaceful yet beautiful place for a honeymoon. It is budget-friendly too. Since the country is close to India, airfares are reasonable. You can also travel to Bhutan by road. It can be an amazing road trip for couples who love adventure.

There are several things to do in Bhutan. One of the best things is to get lost in stunning nature with your loved one. Do not forget to explore green meadows and high mountain peaks. It is the best place to celebrate love. Look for Goibibo coupons for budget-friendly accommodation in Bhutan.

5. Cambodia: The place might be famous for temples but it is an excellent place for a honeymoon. It has pleasant weather and is a great option to visit if you are looking for an easy on pocket destination. Airfares and accommodation are reasonably priced.

You can do numerous things here like visiting Angkor temples, go for a nature trail to explore scenic spots, take kayaking experience, do trekking and do visit Monkey Forest.

The above- mentioned places is the list of Best Honeymoon places to visit outside India that are not only beautiful but also in budget too. Therefore, do not worry about money, enjoy and make your honeymoon memorable.