Tips for Buying a New Laptop in a Reasonable Budget

Learn the best tips to buy a new laptop under 20000 or compare laptops within your budget. Also, avail huge discounts with Tata Cliq & Amazon offers via Zopoyo.

Buying a cheap laptop is difficult but not impossible. There are numerous Amazon offers on laptops and above all, there are so many technical details that should be known beforehand before buying a laptop. With so much dilemma, sometimes we end up doing a big hole in our pocket.

Here are some quick pointers, which will surely help you to buy a laptop at reasonable rates:

1. Buy a Chrome book: If you are sure that you do not want to go out of budget, you also have to be sure about the purpose for which you need a laptop. If you want a laptop for using Photoshop, MS Office and gaming then read the next step.

If you are purchasing a laptop when your sole interest is just entertainment like web browsing and watching Netflix, then better go for a Chrome book. These Google machines are much faster, cheaper, better and reliable than their Windows counterparts. The operating system of ChromeBook is a lower version of Google Chrome Browser and that is the reason, which makes it cheap. Since ChromeBooks are specially designed for, browsing that is why they have low production costs.

These features are enough for many people. The latest Chrome Books now have the ability to run thousands of Android applications. Use Amazon Coupons to buy a reasonably priced Chrome book.

2. Compromise Is Necessary: If you require a full-fledged Windows laptop for your work, set your expectations intelligently. To buy a cheap windows laptop, compromise is necessary. If the laptop is fast then the battery life will not be so good. If the display screen is mind-blowing then the keyboard will turn out to be wonky. There are very few laptops that are sleek, light or thin available at cheap rates. You can get a 14 to 15-inch laptop at affordable prices but you have to compromise in certain areas. Use Tata Cliq offers to buy a complete Windows Laptop.

3. Go for these specifications: There are many laptops available in the market having resolution 1366x768. This resolution is not considered sharp according to modern standards. Go for 1920x1080 resolution. This is just perfect and there is no need to go higher than this. Do not worry over a touchscreen laptop. 

A laptop with Windows 10 can be used without a touchscreen. The laptop price increases with the touchscreen. Thirdly, the Intel i5 processor is just perfect for a Windows laptop. This processor is strong enough to fulfill all your needs, do not go for a higher processor and waste your money. If you are not a gaming person then i3 is okay too. 

You can easily get a laptop under 20000 with 8 GB RAM. As far as primary memory is concerned, go for 8 GB or 6 GB laptop. Don’t buy a laptop with 4 GB RAM. For secondary storage, it is quite difficult to get an SSD cheap, so try to make the most from your hard disk drive. A 500 GB HDD is ideal for a Windows Laptop. Battery life and connectivity are also some important points to consider. You can get an affordable Dell laptop with all the specs mentioned above, but a little research is required.

4. Crack a deal at right time: Cheap laptops are available in the market for a very short time. They are quickly replaced by their costly successors. This does not mean that you jump on a deal just because it is cheap, but it is definitely something that must be kept in mind before buying a laptop. Take advantage of Tata Cliq coupons to seal the deal at the right time.

5. Buy a Clean Version of Windows: Consider buying a laptop from Microsoft directly. Their Signature Edition has a clean version of Windows that does not come with bloatware. This means that there will be very few redundant programs occupying your memory.

6. Research as much as you can: Apart from the information given above, always remember that your laptop is one of the most valuable things owned by you. Before investing in any laptop always, go through customer reviews. This will make the decision easier. Buy a laptop that has a return policy so that your investment does not go waste. Compare different laptops before making an investment.

The process is definitely hard but not impossible. Keep a price list of shortlisted laptops in front of you. Choose wisely, like a laptop with all the desired specifications is no less than a boon