Skin and Hair Care Tips for Holi

Don't let Holi colours damage your Sensitive skin & hair. Here are 10 amazing tips that will make your Holi experience better and safe. Click here to read more

The Holi is a festival of colours, celebration and coming together as a society to paint each other with colours of love. However, some colours might harm your skin hair or overall dermatology. With the rise of eco-friendly culture, many colours are easy to take away and not rough on your skin. As some people can develop allergies, it must be a season where everyone can enjoy it. We have compiled a list of few actions to ensure that you stay safe this Holi season. Use Mamaearth offers to buy gentle products for your hair and skin this Holi.


1. Pick Herbal Colours

The ideal approach to shield yourself from any sort of skin and hair issue is to utilize home-grown colours. Make your own gulaal instead of using colours that are too harsh for the skin.


2. Oil Your Body 

Ensure that you have done oiling to your hair and a complete body before playing Holi. For oiling, you can utilize a blend of coconut oil, mustard oil, and castor oil; it will be the best skin and hair care tip for Holi. Oiling the hair and body guarantees that the colours do not adhere to your skin and hair and can be washed away effectively after Holi. 


3. Sun Protection: 

You ought to apply sunscreen to shield your skin from the destructive sunbeams. You can likewise purchase a couple of suntan shades, which resemble your skin tone. Use that kind and they can be discarded after the Holi. They help in securing your eyes.


4. Drink More Water 

Keeping yourself hydrated will make your skin hydrated too. It is the best skin and hair care tip for Holi. So drink more water and keep the liquor away if you are planning to consume Bhang.

It becomes too acidic and you might end up throwing up all while being high and turning an embarrassment everywhere in those dirty clothes and awful smell.


5. Wear Full-Length Clothing

Wear full-sleeved garments, which will cover your body. In case you are playing with watercolours, wear light garments so you do not feel overburden with the wet garments. All while saving as much skin as you can. Full garments will protect you from the harmful effect of harsh colours. It is a very important Holi skincare tip that should always be kept in mind.


6. Wash in Lukewarm Water

When you have wrapped up the Holi colours, clean up with lukewarm water, you can utilize a shower gel, cleanser, and loofah to scour out the colours from your hair completely. Remember to utilize a cream a while later to maintain a strategic distance from dryness. 

7. Avoid Brushing Coloured Hair

While playing with colours, they tend to deposit on hair causing severe damage to your locks. If you leave your hair open while playing, they get messed up. In such cases, avoid combing your hair as it can cause severe breakage. Since colours cause a lot of damage to hair, follow your hair care routine religiously in the coming weeks to reduce the damage.


8. Delicately Remove the Colour

For expelling Holi colours attempt to utilize a good conditioner instead of hard cleansers which can cause dryness or skin bothering to your skin  To ensure that you don’t harm yourself in the process of taking out colours, try to be firm and not fast, using good lotions might ease the process. At Mamaearth, you get a great assortment of hair care products.


9. Moisturize Your Skin after Bath

After the bath, moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer to heal the damage caused by colours on your skin. Use Mamaearth coupons to buy a moisturizer suitable for your skin. 


10. Go For a Spa

After tiring Holi celebrations, if you feel that, the colours have left your hair and skin dry; go for a rejuvenating hair spa and body massage. This will surely solve all your problems.


The above tips will be very beneficial for your hair and skin this Holi. Play safe and enjoy the festival of colours.