From Where To Get Homely Food Online?

Craving for Homely Food? Everything you need to know about these top 5 websites. Now there would be no Hassle on Online food orders. Order now!

While being away from home, the thing that we miss the most is the homemade food. No other hotel or restaurant can compete with the taste of food that our mothers make at home. There are numerous reasons why people have to remain away from their homes. It may be a job, studies or any other reason.

Adjusting away from home is a bit daunting task. The most difficult thing that we have to face while being away from homes is the availability of homely food. With the advent of technology and efforts of the online food delivery system this problem is not a problem anymore. They make food with utmost love and care. Above all the food is so fresh and delicious that you do not miss homemade food at all. Most of the people these days rely on Swiggy and Zomato to satisfy their hunger.

Here is a list of food delivery apps from where you can order mouth-watering homemade food:


1. Food Cloud: It is the best application from where you can get homemade food easily at the best prices. Their chefs make mouth-watering authentic food. They have a variety of cuisines on their menu and you can choose your favorite food. The biggest advantage of this food delivery system is that food will be delivered at your doorstep in very little time. It connects food lovers to the chefs who made delicious homemade food.

All you have to do is to open their application, choose a chef and a dish. You can also see the image of the chef and dish to get other information. Specify the quantity required and fill your details and address. Now just sit back and enjoy the delicious homemade food that will be delivered to you at your doorstep. Their famous dishes include thali, pickles, and mithai.


2. Burgandy Box: This online food delivery service has innovative solutions for our hunger. They have ready to eat meals and meal kits for their customers. They serve healthy food which is both fresh and tasty. You can choose different cuisines here like Continental, American, and Indian. Their meals do not contain any chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives. They have meals for both adults and children.

One of the most fascinating projects they have come up with is Home-style Daily Meal Kits. They send chopped vegetables and all other ingredients required to make food at home/ everything comes ready in their Zero Grocery Bag.


3. Sravana Bhavan: Everyone loves south Indian food. It is one of the healthiest foods with minimum calories and tastes super awesome if cooked properly. Sravana Bhavan provided the best south Indian food. Apart from delicious south Indian food they also specialize in North Indian and Italian cuisines.


4. Swiggy: Swiggy has recently launched an application, Swiggy Daily that offers home-style food that is prepared by home chefs, vendors and tiffin services. It is a subscription-based meal app where you can choose 3 days, 7 days or 30-day subscription. In subscription, Swiggy also gives you the option to change or cancel a meal. The cost per meal is very reasonable. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and a variety of cuisines like Punjabi, Rajasthani, and Gujarati. With Swiggy daily, you will never miss your home. You can use Swiggy offers to get the advantage of interesting deals on Swiggy Daily.


5. Zomato: Zomato has also tied up with tinmen to make homemade food available to the people staying away from their homes. They have sourced up to 100home chefs who cook delicious homemade food for customers. You can choose your favorite cuisine from the application and satisfy your taste buds with delicious food. Use Zomato offers and coupons to get discounts on your daily meals.


So we see that technology has made everything possible. Food has such great magical powers that it can bring a smile on anyone's face. No one would ever love to cook after returning from a tiring day at work. In such situations, all these online food order applications are our saviors.