Best Fashion Trends To Carry In 2020

Get to know about the latest trends to follow in 2020. Also, find affordable ways to shop for trendy clothes through Myntra coupons

Fashion is unpredictable. Fashion trends change in nick of time. 2020 promises raging fashion trends that anybody would love to embrace it. This does not mean that you need to completely change your wardrobe. You just need to add certain core items and you are all ready to rock the New Year. Do not forget to use Myntra coupons this year to buy your outfits at reasonable prices.

Let us have a look at certain looks that will take over in 2020.

1. Short Suits: 2020 will see the evolution of Bermuda short suits. Bermuda short suits are a twist to classic suits that are perfect for spring. The outfit gives a warm-weather look. In addition, the Bermuda shorts are a very interesting twist added to standard suits. Pair the outfit with sandals or high boots to get a trendy look. This trend was not accepted in the early 90’s. However, the time has changed and the Bermuda suits are now ready to bewitch us.

2. Stripes Are In: According to topmost fashion designers, both horizontal and vertical stripes are going to be extremely popular in 2020. Vertical stripes are going to become a rage as they make any body type look great. If you are unsure about stripes, follow a simple rule of thumb “stick with only two prints at a time”. Do not add a third print as it will be not less than a fashion disaster.

If you want to play safe, try stripes with a leopard print. You can also create a spectacular ensemble by mixing horizontal and vertical stripes. When in doubt, follow the rule mentioned above. Stick to only two kinds of prints. Buy your favourite stripes on Myntra using Myntra offers.

3. High Shine Wear: High shine look can work in either way. Whether you are dressing up or dressed down, a high shine look is an effortless way of looking trendy and in fashion. It suits on every clothing right from pantsuits to gowns.

You can even incorporate high shine wear in your daily wardrobe. Remember to remain a little subtle with colours. Gold, bronze and rose gold hues look best with warm colours whereas silver and grey couple on point with cooler shades like navy blue. If you like sparkly fabrics, reserve them for special occasions. Buy your much-loved metallic high shine wear on Myntra using Myntra coupons.

4. Hotshot pants: Yes, you heard it right; hot pants are back in 2020. Hot pants were first introduced in 1950 but were ridiculed by society as a symbol of adultery. However, they continued to remain in trend but most recently, they have again grabbed the eyeballs of fashion designers.

Hot pants are making a successful comeback in 2020. You can style them with black tights and high boots. Denim cut-offs have taken the young girls by storm. Use Myntra coupon codes to buy stylish hot pants to make your wardrobe look classy this year.

5. Western wear: Western wear was a huge trend in 2018. Nevertheless, the trend lost its impetus in 2019. But in 2020, it is back with a bang. It is the time to dust off your cowboy shoes and welcome the western wear again in our wardrobes. Since western wear is back in trend, you can start experimenting with neckerchiefs too. They are not only bold and bright but also make you feel a little more special.

6. Peplum tops: Peplum dominated the fashion industry in 2010. Soon the trend went in hibernation. But yes, they are back again and are going to be a huge trend in 2020. Its unique cut can help you to flatter the lower abdomen area. The style hides all the imperfections of the body. The style is available in tops and evening gowns. It is necessary to have in 2020 if you are thinking to recreate your wardrobe. Buy peplum dresses on Amazon using Amazon coupons for a sensible deal.

7. Colourful leather: According to fashion analysts, colour leather is going to be everywhere in 2020. Not only are we going to see leather dresses, shirts and coats, but a different trend will hit the fashion industry. Yes, colourful leather will come in different colours like orange, blue and bright red.

You might be thinking leather as apparel wore in cold weather, but a new addition spring leather will be immensely popular in 2020. Leather can give an instantly chic look to anyone, anytime. Any girl will look perfect in a leather skirt and jacket. Therefore, do not forget to include this modish piece in your wardrobe this year. Look through Amazon deals when you buy the latest coloured leather dress for yourself.

8. Puffed sleeves: Puffed sleeves are not an unknown trend. They are going to become exceptionally popular in 2020. Puffed sleeves come in several iterations like structured, architecture, delicate and flowing. Whichever iteration you pull, puffed sleeves will no doubt enhance your fashion game this year. It gives a feminine look and looks super cute. It is a good hack in case your arms are voluminous. Do not forget to add puffed sleeves in your wardrobe this year. Choose your desired puffed sleeves on Amazon. Do not forget to go through Amazon offers when you decide to buy one.

9. Crocheted tops and dresses: This fashion style may look a bit intimidating but nothing can match grandmother’s antiquated doilies. Crochet tops and dresses are going to rock in 2020. If you are crafty enough, you can prepare your own crochet dress and own the look on any special occasion in the coming year. Look for crochet dresses on Amazon. Use Amazon promo codes to seal a good deal.

10. Bold floral trends: Get over subtle floral this year. 2020 is the year of bold and bright floral that you cannot afford to miss. Pulling off such a bold trend can create certain doubts in your mind but you are going to rock it. Remember less is more in case of bold floral. Let the floral do the talking and do not accessorize them much. When you choose to buy floral, always remember to keep the flowers smaller than your handspan. Avoid wearing oversized floral this year.

11. Neons: Neons will be in trend in 2020.  Lots of bright and solid neon ranging from lime green to orange, they will become a major fashion trend in 2020. Most of the people are scared of neon’s until they put it on. So the next time you go on shopping and see a neon top or skirt hanging on the rack, don’t stop yourself. Buy it and stun the look. A huge range of neon dresses is available on Myntra. Use Myntra coupons to buy your favourite neon colour.

So, follow your heart and dress up glamorously to rock the world!